Brooklyn Marina
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The community of Brooklyn, Queens County (formerly a Village prior to a 1996 amalgamation in the Region of Queens Municipality) came together in 1994 - 1995 with a couple dozen people from South Queens to form the Queens Recreational Boating Association and operated out of Brooklyn. Since its incorporation under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia in 1995, the Association has grown steadily at an appropriate rate for its resources and the community’s wants and needs.

Our founder and first president, Thane MacDonald, is a man who loves sailing. His vision was to create a marina in Herring Cove that would serve as a place that the local people of the community and the surrounding areas of Queens could come to enjoy sailing, boating, friendly games of cards, horseshoes, or just sit on the deck and talk about old times.

The Association considers itself a family oriented organization devoted to promoting and organizing recreational boating opportunities in the Queens County area.

The Association has developed into the community hub of activity and fund raising for the community. In 1995, our membership was fifty family memberships. Presently, the Association boasts over 130 family memberships and totals more than 400 people. Our Association involves more than just community members who own boats. This is truly a community recreational facility where all are welcome and enjoy the club activities and facilities free of charge, including the smiles.

The Association has blossomed from sitting around an open fire on a bench to a modern clubhouse, built by volunteers from the community as well as members of the Association.

Volunteers working on building the Marina Clubhouse in 1995. The heart and soul of our beginning.

In the beginning we had a few moorings for boats and now maintain a floating dock system for 50-52 boats. New floating docks are built by our volunteers on a regular basis as the wear and tear of constant use take their toll.

We regularly host visiting sail boats and yachts at the Marina, providing outstanding rural hospitality. We do this by freeing up floating docks, floating decks and moorings for our guests. Members volunteer to drive visitors around the community, to gas stations and other conveniences in Liverpool to ensure their stay in Queens is enjoyable and long. We now see the benefits of this service as we are now on the annual schedule of stops for numerous boaters.

In addition to these aspects of our operation, we are very community oriented. We have purchased a paddle boat for community use, have five (5) prams that we use to teach junior sailing with that were built by our volunteer members and one (1) small sail boat which is used for junior sailing as well. We hire students to teach junior sailing at our facility with great success.

Paul Shot and Thane MacDonald (both past presidents of QRBA) looking over one of six prams that QRBA members built for its youth sailing program.

The Association is more than a boating group. It is a community organization that supports its community. We hold card nights during the winter for community members, pizza nights, mussel bakes, dances, bake sales, construct a float annually and participate in parades and host re-enactments. Our proudest event, however, was when we organized a bake sale and fun night to raise money for a child who needed an operation in Toronto. We hoped to raise $500. WE RAISED $5000 IN ONE EVENING for the child, thanks to the wonderful support received from people all around the region.

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