Waterfront Park

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Waterfront Park

The Queens Recreational Boating Association’s waterfront park is a culmination of decades of needs identified by community members and recently as a result of research by Saint Mary’s University Business Development Centre, discussions with the Brooklyn Recreation Committee (formerly the Brooklyn Village Commission), consultation with individual community members (notably adjacent land owners), and the completion of a conceptual plan by Sperry and Partner.

The conceptual plan has incorporated items from the Saint Mary’s Business Plan, items and concerns from the community and adjacent land owners identified during meetings with the various people and agencies, and developments necessary to support the future expansion and use of the Marina by residents and visitors alike.

With the support and financial contribution from FRAM (ACOA), Region of Queens Municipality, Brooklyn Recreation Committee, HRDC and the Nova Scotia Sport & Recreation Commission, the entire project will be completed in August 2002 and will consist of these community enhancements:

  1. Infilling of land in Herring Cove, Brooklyn.
  2. Placement of armor rock around the infilling to ensure a long term development.
  3. Creation of a paved parking lot on the in filled land for 30 vehicles.
  4. Interlock brick walkway on the in filled lands as shown on the conceptual plan and construction of concrete sidewalk.
  5. Placement of sod on the in filled area to create a green space and low shrubbery to enhance the area and project it as a community facility and place for outdoor concerts and festivals.
  6. Development, construction and placement of one large interpretive panel about the history of Brooklyn and Herring Cove and a second panel being supported by Bowater about their history.
  7. Design and construction of a gazebo for community use for gatherings such as musical events, weddings and community fund raisers.
  8. Other amenities such as commercial light standards and lights, commercial grade park benches, and a 30 foot yardarm.
  9. Acquisition, legal work and surveying of the four properties involved in the main area of the infilling, in addition to leases for the adjacent area where the walkways will run.
  10. The hiring of a competent project manager, with expertise in projects such as this, who will oversee and direct the actual construction work on site.
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