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Some History on Brooklyn, Nova Scotia

Brooklyn was known to the natives many years ago as "KAT-KOOTCH" meaning "between the hills". The native people lived here during the summers for thousands of years where they fished along the shores and gathered shellfish.

Next to arrive in Brooklyn were the French. We know that when DeMonts arrived here in 1604, there was already one of his countrymen, Rossignol, here trading with the natives. Liverpool Bay for many years was known as Rossignol Harbour.

Next to arrive was Nicholas Denys who set up a fishing station in Brooklyn in 1635 probably between the present day Marina and Breakwater. Some of these people we believe left the apple trees and foundations discovered here in 1762 when the first of the present day settlers arrived.

The present day settlers called this place Herring Cove and that name remained until 1832 when a local teacher fought for and had the name changed to Brooklyn. Like many neighboring villages, Brooklyn, carried on shipbuilding, lumbering and fishing for many years. When in the early 1900's these industries began to fail, a big newsprint mill was built. The newsprint mill has carried us through the last 75 years giving many of our citizens a good living and making Queens County one of the most prosperous in the province.

Country Music Legend Hank Snow was born in Brooklyn and got his early schooling here. There is a children's playground built in his honor near where he was born. A stone and a plaque now marks the location of the house where he was born.

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